About the B n’ B and Cottages

Main House History

The Main House has stood on the banks of the Potomac River since 1822, built originally as a retirement home for a US naval officer and his family. It remained in the family until 1919 when sold to an investor who left it vacant for 20 odd years. Finally, in 1940 it began catching the eyes of area family’s looking for a quiet summer vacation spot. The whispered story is, that my great grandfather, a carpenter by trade, knew house had been sitting vacant for 20 years and took it upon himself to fulfill his dream of opening a Tavern for leisure. He renovated and renewed the property making outbuildings into cottages and building additional cottages along the water all without owning the home or having permission to do so. After an additional 10 years of activity running the successful tavern the son of the rightful owner visited as a guest, enjoyed his stay so much that he acquired the deed and allowed my great grandfather to continue on without impedance. The son visited every summer without ever revealing his ownership and upon his death in 1961 he left the deed to my grandfather (great grandpa passed in 59) free and clear. My father and I have added small touches here and there that represent our personal tastes, Dad’s biggest addition being the pool and tiki bar, and mine being a skateboarding area beyond the furthest gardens. This house has remained a beautiful piece of American history for nearly 200 years and proudly provides visitors a visit filled with adventure, fun, and most importantly comfort.